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Buy On-Line
Gila has been operating in Italy for many years, availing itself of the supply of products from various leading companies in the international orthopaedic market. 
The catalogue is made up of numerous products, carefully selected on the basis of its long experience in the sector: it boasts over 10,000 items that offer full service and the best service on the orthopaedic technology market.
Among the many brands offered to customers include: Aramica, Nora, Proteo, Irotex, Renia, Exact Plastics, SyncroMed, Texadventur and many others.
Over the past year, the Company has launched a new sales sector: an important line of over-the-counter products (for foot care, protective silicones, creams, bands and supports, socks for diabetics and more) that offers new opportunities for the health care store, the parapharmacy and the pharmacy.
The site is aimed only at operators in the sector, registered to access the catalog with all the products and you can: download catalogs and brochures, if you want to have quotations for special supplies, after viewing the products, you can contact your local agent or, if it is reorders, you can operate safely from your home.

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